**Classes meet three days a week. Cost is only $35/month (or less)**.


We are a Christian educational learning center serving 5th-12th grades. In all things we strive to love God and love our neighbor. The Christian world-view is evident in our classes.

In the Classroom

Our students get to enjoy the community of other children their age, and gain the benefits of a traditional learning environment three days a week. Classes are held in the classrooms of Holy Trinity Church on Amelia Island.

At Home

Our students also have the advantage of personalized parent-led home instruction-- definitely the best of both worlds! (High schoolers will also have Good Shepherd online instruction at home at least 1 day per week.)

Good Shepherd's Educational Method

"Educating the Whole Person"

It is our goal to teach to the whole person--heart, soul, and mind, but how does this work out in the day-to-day "nitty-gritty" of classroom life?

  1. studyingWe recognize that your child is a special person gifted with certain strengths and abilities from God. Not everyone's gifts are the same; some are gifts of the mind, others are gifts of the heart, soul, or body. Regardless, it is our goal to help each student learn virtuous habits so that he can develop his particular gift set and use it in the service of God. We believe that the quality of a Christian education should exceed that of a secular education, and we also believe that virtue is every bit as important as knowledge.
  2. Much of our method mirrors that found in classical education. We have a comprehensive vision of language arts as manifest in the Trivium. Students receive a thorough grounding in grammar, and then learn to communicate through word and pen by imitating excellent sources.  In the humanities, our students learn from the wisest men of the past by reading and studying their works.
  3. Many of our classes are not dependent on textbook learning, but rather on the reading of whole books, which contain living expressions of thought from the mind of a single author. For example, our high-school students will study history through Winston Churchill's eyes (and prose). By reading his histories, the students will not only learn history, but they will start to know the man Winston Churchill. Our literary selections are carefully made. We don't just read a book to be able to say we read it. We believe it is more valuable to know a few books well, than to have a passing knowledge of many.
  4. A portion of each day is dedicated solely to the nurture of the soul. At Good Shepherd we start off each morning with chapel where we read Holy Scripture, sing Psalms and hymns, and pray.
  5. We are not a collection of highly trained specialists. We would like you to view us as friends, or as a faculty of friends if you will, walking alongside you with the common goal of educating your child, helping him along in his path toward union with God, and harmonizing the rhythms of schooling with the life of the family and church.


Good Shepherd's Teachers


Mrs. Diana Cunningham

Mrs. Diana Cunningham has a degree in secondary education from Liberty University, and was awarded "Teacher of the Year" when she was a career teacher.


Mr. Brian Oldfield

We are very glad to have Mr. Oldfield with us this year. Mr. Oldfield is the new curate (assistant pastor) at Holy Trinity, and is a recent graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary. He has fond memories of his own high school years spent at a classical school.

Mrs. Kate Dinkins- Middle School

Mrs. Kate Dinkins, who has two daughters in our high school classes,  brings a lot of fun learning to our Middle School classes!


Miss Chloe Cunningham- High School Biology

Miss Cunningham has joined us this year to share her love of science with our high schoolers.


Part-time teachers & helpers

We have a lot of support in the Good Shepherd community! Mrs. Mary Kay Young- dance & movement, & several parent helpers. Thank you all!