Registration is Closed* for 2017-2018

To put your child on the waiting list, please fill out the registration form (name, grade, and contact info) to hold your spot.
In February the waiting-list-kids will be notified and have first dibs on open seats.

Click here to register your Form 2 student (grades 3rd-4th)
Click here to register your middle-schooler
(grades 5th-8th)
Click here to register your high schooler (grades 9+)
If you'd prefer to register over the phone or in person, please email Mrs. Cunningham and she will set up an appointment with you.

director Dear Prospective Parent and Student,
I want to welcome you as we prepare to start our third year.  We have big news: our name is changing...and we've become a registered private school in the state of Florida! You now have the option to register either as a homeschooler or as a private school student. Feel free to browse through the website to get an understanding of what we're striving for, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. I hope you'll like what you see and will want to be part of our community!
Mrs. Diana Cunningham (Director)


As of April 2017, we are registered as a Florida private school (under our new name, Lindisfarne Hall)!
Depending on your needs, there are now two options for registration: 1) register as a homeschooled student*, or 2) register as a Lindisfarne private schooled student. (There will be no difference in the class experience from the student's perspective.)*This means that students registered with us as homeschoolers will also need to be registered with their Florida county as homeschoolers, and follow the state requirements for homeschooling in Florida.We welcome students of every race, color, and national origin. Neither parents nor students are required to subscribe to a particular statement of faith; however, parents and students are expected to cooperate with the school administration and to recognize the Christ-centered, biblical nature of our program of education.


Admissions Process

1. Read the information on our website to determine if you think our part-time schooling method will be a good fit for your child's homeschool education.  (Feel free to email if you have any questions.)

2. To register, please fill out the Registration form. Links to the files for the form are at the top of the page. If you'd rather, you may simply email your child's name and grade level, and your contact information to: and we will do the registration manually.

3. Once you send in the Registration form, your child will be officially registered. (If we have reached our class limit prior to receiving your child's registration form, I will let you know immediately.

4. At some time before the school year starts (which is August 17), I'd like to meet with each new student and a parent to make sure we're all on the "same page" and to discuss any concerns or suggestions you may have. I will schedule an appointment with you after your registration form has been submitted.

 5. There is a $100 registration fee per family which will cover some of our start-up costs. This fee can be given to me at our meeting or sometime before the first day of school

6. Eventually there will be a handbook describing in a little more detail how Lindisfarne Hall works. For now, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


  • Also, please be aware that we will have school uniforms, which will be an added cost:
    Boys: Solid colored pants or shorts of any style (except gym shorts),
    a solid-colored polo type shirt (must be a shade of blue, grey, black, or white).
    Sweaters and light jackets must be complementary in color to the uniforms.
    There are no restrictions on hair styles or hair colors, but students' hair must be clean and combed (or styled).
    Girls: Land's End clear-blue plaid kilt/skirt/skort
    (we suggest this skirt style, but any style with the clear blue plaid coloring or solid blue is acceptable)
    any  shirt, or blouse that complements the skirt in color,
    Sweaters and light jackets must be complementary in color to the uniforms.
    There are no restrictions on hair styles or hair colors, but students' hair must be clean and combed (or styled).
    Shoes, socks, belts, jewelry, make-up: No restrictions in these areas.