How it Works

How it Works

GSC Lindisfarne Hall (new name!) is a private school with a unique 3-day program (we will be moving to a 4-day week in the 2018-2019 school year). We welcome homeschoolers and encourage them to take classes with us in a traditional campus setting for a few days each week. Classes are held in the classrooms of Holy Trinity Church on Amelia Island.

#1 LH students attend classes on campus three days each week
(Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday), from 8:15am-2:45pm.
*Sometimes tests and quizzes will be given online at home on Fridays. Also, Algebra and Geometry classes may have an online component on Wednesday mornings.

#2a  LH middle-school classes are focused on language arts and mathematics studies. Students will do a lot of writing, grammar work, presenting, and thinking in a fun (but traditional) atmosphere. The classes are led by a prepared teacher and will have occasional homework, quizzes, tests, and projects. The language arts and mathematics classes are all held before lunch.

#2b  LH offers high-schoolers  a full course load with all of the traditional subjects included. The schedule will be more rigorous than the middle-school schedule, and there will be certain online components.


#3a  After lunch LH middle-school students have the chance to attend informal classes and study various revolving topics. We'll do science experiments, learn about poetry, study historical events, etc.  These classes are designed to be fun and useful, and to cover information that everyone should know. There will also be a study period during which the students can read historical fiction or books assigned by their parents.


#3b   LH high-school students will not have informal classes in the afternoon. We'll keep working hard!


#4  LH is an educational resource center. GSC is not registered as a private school in Florida As of April 2017, we are now registered as a private school in Florida under our new name: Lindisfarne Hall! Depending on your needs and preferences, you will have the option of enrolling your child as either a homeschooled student or as a private-school student.