Middle School Academics

Grades 5th-8th


Middle-Schoolers are in an exciting and important part of life.  At Lindisfarne Hall, we want to help them solidify their skills in preparation for high school, and give them godly direction as they navigate the new waters of young-adulthood.

This year our middle-school program offers  a full course-load of traditional classes, including English grammar, literature, writing, mathematics, history, science, and more.

Middle-school classes meet three days a week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8:15-2:45.

  • Our teaching focus is on the language arts subjects and mathematics, and preparing middle-school students for high school work.
  • The classes are taught by a prepared teacher, and there will be regular homework, writing assignments and quizzes in the language arts and mathematics classes.
  • Your child's math instruction can be individualized if need be. We offer several levels of math, and Algebra I.
  • 7th and 8th graders have the option to take Logic classes with the high schoolers.
  • We have fun in our classes! The classes are traditional in method, but designed to engage middle-schoolers in learning.
  • A favorite time of the student's day is eating lunch with friends! Students bring lunch from home; there is a refrigerator and microwave available for use.
  • Report cards are sent home each quarter for the parent's use.

Click here for the 2017/2018 booklist.




What’s the next step?


  1. We are excited to have your child as a student at LH. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  2. The next step is to fill out a registration form and submit it. Once you submit it, you should receive a personal response from us within 24 hours. (If you don't hear from us, please let us know! Something may have gone wrong with the form.)
  3. When we receive your child's registration form, Mrs. Cunningham will set up an appointment to meet with you (the parent). At the meeting she'll make sure all your questions are answered and get you ready for the new school year. At this meeting you can let Mrs. Cunningham know which math you'd like your child to be in, and determine which skill books would be most helpful for your child.
  4. The first day of the 2017/2018 school year is Thursday, August 17, 2017. It is a half-day, 9am-11:50. That evening there will also be a parent orientation at the campus from 6:30-7:30.
  5. We look forward to meeting you and your child!


We’ve been “relaxed” homeschoolers. Will my child be able to do the work at LH?


Middle-school aged students are at the perfect age to learn a lot of information quickly. They’ve become better at abstract thinking and as a result can generalize and organize concepts much more easily and efficiently than they could just a year or two ago. Even if your student is little behind at this point, he will probably catch up without too much trouble.  If you feel your child is behind in his studies as he enters LH, don’t worry. He is still in a great position to make progress and excel in his studies. We will support him and work with him to help him get up to speed.

One more note: Most k-8 language arts texts and mathematics texts start off each year with several weeks (often months) of review. This review section is often all that is needed to get a student up to speed.