GS has a unique schedule. Please notice that classroom instruction is only three (3) days a week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The remaining days are left open for the student's homeschool instruction.

Classroom instruction:
*These classes are taught on campus, and run like traditional classes.
All planning, grading, etc is done by the teacher.
All grades and finished work will be given to the parent to put into the student's portfolio, if the parent wishes.
Monday:  8:15am-2:45pm
Tuesday: 8:15am-2:45pm
     (Wednesday-45 minute online class for students taking Algebra or Geometry
Thursday: 8:15am-2:45pm
(Friday- high school students will have online tests on Fridays)

Home instruction:
*All home instruction is up to the parent. The parent determines the classes, materials, times, grades, etc. None of this information is given to GS, but should be kept by the parent according to Florida state law regarding homeschoolers.
and other times designated by the parent

Special Notice about our calendar & holidays:
Many national (and other) holidays occur on Mondays, but we will still hold classes on those days in order to keep our routine intact and make the most of our time with your student. However, please know that if you have a traditional family outing on one of these holidays, we do not want to hold you back. Family time is important!

Extra-curricular activities and Doctor's appointments:
Please try to schedule appointments and extra-curricular activities for after school or on Wednesdays and Fridays, especially if your student is in high school. When students miss class, they miss the benefit of classroom instruction, and it can be hard on the student and the teacher to make up the missed work.

2016/2017 Tentative Calendar:
*Remember, we have class every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, even if there is a national holiday!

August 18- school starts (Thursday- half day: 9am-11:50)

------- - parent orientation in the evening from 6:30-7:30

September 5- Labor Day (we will have class)

***October 21st- Last day of 1st Quarter***

October 27- NO CLASSES (we will not have classes on this Thursday)

November 21-27- Thanksgiving Break

***December 16th- Last day of 2nd Quarter***

December 18- Christmas Break begins

January 2- Classes resume

***February 24th- Last day of 3rd Quarter***

April 17-Easter Break starts

April 24- Classes resume

May 4- Last day of school